Sick and skinny, this 6 month old Jersey mix bull calf was dumped at a slaughter auction to be sold off to the veal market. He was suffering from pneumonia and a severe case of pinkeye, and completely withdrawn never knowing a human touch, and we battled it out at auction with the Veal dealer--determined not to let that be his final fate.

As we got him home, he went through intensive vet treatments for his first 6 weeks at the sanctuary. His immune system was compromised from the horrible conditions we rescued him from, and he just couldn't lick the pneumonia or pinkeye despite multiple treatments. After staying in the Vet Hospital ICU and treated with IV antibiotics and fluids and other supplements, he finally started to turn the corner on the pneumonia, but his pinkeye continued to worsened. He already had scarring when we rescued him, but we started treatments immediately hoping we could lick it. At one point the ulceration covered the entire eye and the vet thought our sweet boy would lose his eye since it wasn't responding to any antibiotics, but we were going to try everything first to give him his best shot. Luckily, with some creative treatments and support from all his followers, he rounded the corner and the stabilized. Even on his road to recovery, he continued to show signs of thriving at Xanadu!

Now, his appetite is great, and he and Lucille are quite playful out in the pasture. He loves head rubs and chin scratches! He follows us to the barn for eye treatments and apple snacks and chin rubs. We're doing all we can to give this sweet boy the life he deserves, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our Xanadu family!



Photos of Bruno