Rescued at a Livestock Slaughter auction, Chevy has a mysterious past. He was only 2 weeks old and sick with a bacterial infection when we rescued him, and that’s really all we know about him—EXCEPT…that he is a Lovebug!

He enjoys playing with his other goat friends here at the Sanctuary, but comes running for visitors, treats, and head rubs. He is a big talker and is constantly seen saying what appears to be “What What”-which is now his unofficial Nickname.

Luckily, her overall injuries were fairly minor save the lip avulsion from orofacial trauma common in vehicular incidents, especially when an animal is thrown from a car. Crimson was treated for her injuries and lesions from her ordeal and has officially moved in with our other kitty rescue-Clover in Xanadu’s kitty haven!


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I’m Chevy!