Gypsy was a surprise rescue in February 2022. She showed up unexpectedly in the Xanadu wildlife pasture one Saturday morning. Covered in mites and ticks, and starving to death, and after checking with all the neighbors, we could only assume she was dumped. Unfortunately, that happens a lot around sanctuary front gates.  Much longer in these woods surrounding Xanadu, she would’ve made some coyote a meal.  Thank goodness she found her way to our gates! 

Approximately 3 months old, after extensive treatment to rid her of all the parasites, she checked out healthy and just a tad underweight. Because we don’t have a pasture and barn stall ready for pigs, she bunked up in the Welcome Center master suite with Timber, our FIV wounded cat from a hoarding case we just took in a couple of months before.  To our overwhelming surprises, they became instant friends! Bedding down together on a regular basis (and watching cartoons).

We don’t know Gypsy’s breed, but she appears to be some kind of mini-pig. Many people believe that to mean a very small, pet pig.  Mini-pigs can still grow up to 300 lbs.  And many pet owners find themselves searching for a new home for their pigs when they get above 25 lbs. Well, whatever size she ends up, she has a forever home here with us.  She loves a variety of fruits and vegetables, and can’t wait til breakfast every day. Bellyrubs are her all time favorite thing, and who could resist that face! We have much to learn about pigs as she grows older, but despite wherever she may have come from, she has a great life here now.



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