LuLu is one of 3 sheep that came to Xanadu in Spring of 2021. She, along with Rosita and Raven, were being disposed of by a local farmer as they were each the runt of triplets from their 3 respective mothers. 

LuLu was the youngest of the 3 at just 4-5 days old when she was being sold at auction for a few extra $’s when she really needed 2 more months with her mom. She suffered a couple of medical setbacks in her first month here, battling pneumonia her first few days here, and then tested positive for a coccidia parasite a few weeks later.  And then pneumonia again. 

Unfortunately when newborn lambs don’t get the nourishment they desperately need from mom, the develop multiple infections that are almost impossible for them to fight.  Luckily we have amazing vets who were always there for them for each emergency.  LuLu has grown into a beautiful, yet shy sheep.  She spends her days grazing with Raven, Rosita, Peanut, and Speck, and beds down with her sheep-mates every night. She has never been one to want much human attention, but she will come up to check for treats with her friends.  We are so glad that she and her sisters are here celebrating life with us at Xanadu.



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