Mollie was one of 2 dozen baby goats pulled from her mother on the day she was born. She was held almost 2 weeks in a filthy pen with all the other newborns while their mothers went straight to slaughter. We were able to rescue her and 3 other precious young and scared souls at the livestock auction the next week. While we were so happy to rescue these 4 souls, we grieved their loss and wish we had been allowed to save Mom too.

Mollie was a rambunctious baby goat, clumsy and funny with everything she did. She has grown into a beautiful girl, so ladylike and sweet. She enjoys her long afternoons lounging on the picnic tables and her treats of sunflower seeds and graham crackers. While there is no “mating” allowed at the sanctuary, Chevy and Woody are often seen courting her in the pasture. They do everything short of being her flowers to win her attention. And she plays it out like the lady she is! Mollie is a beautiful addition to Xanadu, and we are so grateful she gets to live out her natural life here with us.



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