Raven is one of 3 sheep that came to Xanadu in Spring of 2021. They were being disposed of by a local farmer as they were each the runt of triplets from their 3 respective mothers.  Raven was about 2 weeks old when she was being sold at auction for a few extra $’s when she really needed 2 more months with her mom.

  We rescued her along with Rosita and LuLu and brought them here. After weeks of bottle feeding and vet care, Raven flourished. She is the obvious “leader” of the 3 girls, and an amazing, rare, two-toned beauty. Whoever decided black sheep were a bad thing-they don’t know Raven. She is a sweet playful lamb, growing into a gorgeous well-adjusted sheep.  She spends her days grazing with LuLu, Rosita, Peanut, and Speck, and beds down with her sheep-mates every night. We couldn’t be more grateful to have her here at Xanadu!



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I’m Raven!