Rosita was rescued in Spring 2021 at the same time as LuLu and Raven.  A local farmer was getting rid of them as they were each the runt of triplets from their 3 respective mothers. 

Rosita was only about 1 week-10 days old when she was sent to auction when she really needed much more time with her mom to get the nutrition she needed to go strong. She suffered a couple of medical setbacks in her first month here, battling pneumonia her first few days here, and then aspirated on a bottle at 4 weeks old, rushing us to the emergency vet with a fever and lethargy.  Luckily with quick reaction time and treatment, she was just fine, but after a late night and long drive for us humans, we stopped for a drink and discovered she really enjoyed neon lights and Cherry Sprite. Ha! 

Sometimes small miracles lead to great stories, and that’s one we won’t forget with Rosita.  Rosita is our most affectionate sheep. She adores neck scratches, and is always up for companionship.  While she spends plenty of time with the other sheep, she is most content hanging out with Peanut, the baby goat that was rescued at the same time as the lambs. She is just the sweetest little soul, and we’re so grateful that she gets to spend her whole natural life here at the Sanctuary.



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