Like so many other male cows, Shyner was considered a byproduct of the dairy industry. Born at the end of 2019, at just 2 weeks old, he was sent to auction to fetch a small profit. He was born with a condition called contracted tendons in his front legs meaning that his feet bend inward when he walks making it hard to get around or grow appropriately. Life dealt him a bad hand, but we wanted to give this boy a 2nd chance at life.

Shy and withdrawn at first, Shyner was true to his name and kept to himself a good bit but enjoyed any bottle feeding time, and a few rubs then. He worked with us through all his physical therapy like a champ, working to straighten those legs out. With hard work we were able to avoid surgery, and Shyner did all we could to strengthen those muscles and tendons all on his own!

He came to enjoy the company of Lucile and Bruno, and wormed his way into the goat herd at hay time. He is growing fast into a healthy and beautiful boy, and we are so excited to get to watch him live a long and happy life here at Xanadu.



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I’m Shyner!