Trumpet was another victim of “Easter present gone bad”. She was adopted by a family at Easter time, and as soon as she grew to 2 months old, she was confined to a small cage with little room to move around and offered no supplements to her regular bagged rabbit food.

The family ultimately dropped her off at Animal control, and because of her physical state no one wanted to adopt her. We swooped in and rescued her, and after thorough evaluations, she was completely feral and scared, dirty with broken fur and injuries consistent with long term confinement with little to no sign of human or other contact. She was a good bit underweight for her size, and she had muscle damage to one leg and unable to use it at full capacity, and a potential heart condition that limited to her activity significantly.

Soon after arrival at Xanadu, she began quickly to enjoy time outside. Her heartrate finally stabilized, and she dropped her “feral and scared” exterior very quickly. She is still a bit standoffish, but doesn’t run from her handlers and caretakers. And now that she has been introduced to a variety of cuisine—she has fallen in love with spinach and carrots that we’re not sure she ever had the pleasure of enjoying before.

She will make a great ambassador of our rabbit rescue program, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to rescue her.

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