Every rescue has a story...and sometimes we never get to know the whole truth..but injuries and behavior don't lie. This little guy is Cooper.


He was abandoned on the side of the road, rescued by a good Samaritan trying to keep him from getting run over, rescued, fostered for a week and brought to us at Xanadu. While very playful and energetic like most puppies are, he has a very serious break in his tail, a break in his jaw near the joint; and he shows signs of fear at any attempt to start teaching him manners-a tale tale sign of abuse in the weeks prior to his rescue.

 In his very short life, he was let down by humans, and we're going to do all we can to reverse that and give him nothing but good memories going forward. He is slowly starting to come out of his shell and play with other dogs, and he is very loving to all his human caretakers. He deserves the best this life has to offer, and I think we can get there!



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I’m Cooper!