A young little girl dumped at the same slaughter auction as Bruno--but by mistake! She was set to sell off for veal until we stepped in and refused to let that happen. She was also suffering from pneumonia; and so filthy covered in animal waste head to toe from being contained in such tight quarters for so long. We didn't even realize what a beauty we had stolen from the auction until we got her home. A good bath, some antibiotics and all this fresh air have just perked her right up!

She is still standoffish with the staff but coming around a little at a time, and she eats like a horse. She likes head rubs ONLY if you sing to her first. She especially likes Kenny Rogers "You Picked a fine time to leave me Lucille". :) Because they were rescued together, Lucille and Bruno are almost inseparable--they bonded quickly and do everything together. Even when we have to stall one of them for a short time for medical treatment/care, the other one lays right outside the stall-halting all daily habits until they are back together. They may be an "odd couple", but it makes perfect sense here with us!



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