This precious little boy was only 1 week old when we rescued him. Like our other goat rescues, he too was orphaned at birth, and bottle fed just enough to keep him alive. He was suffering from a bacterial infection and respiratory infection at the time of rescue, and because his immune system was so fragile from lack of proper care, he suffered from respiratory infections on and off for several months despite residing in the best accommodations of the Indoor goat suite of the welcome center.

While it breaks our hearts to know that he and so many of our others never got a chance to even meet their mamas, and had such a cold and cruel start in this world that may affect their health the rest of their lives, we do know they will never know a day without love again. Speck is a Facebook sensation, and when he is well, he is one Jumpy Bush goat! He may be little, but he is mighty-jumping up on surfaces 3 times as higher as his older goat friends. Given enough time, he may rule the roost one day soon.



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I’m Speck!