Prop 12 Victory!

In case you didn’t hear, May 11, 2023 was a HISTORIC move in the right direction for Animal Welfare, and we are celebrating the victory! Prop 12, which was enacted in 2018 in California, was officially upheld by the Supreme Court! This rule protects pregnant mother pigs from extreme confinement in those horrible gestation crates. It also bans veal crates for calves, as well as battery cages for egg-laying hens. Prop 12 also prohibits the sale of products from these inhumane systems in California. Finally! the Supreme Court affirmed voters’ rights to prioritize animal well-being and human health over Big Ag profits, proving beyond all doubt that, together, we can create lasting change for the good of our animal friends.
If you would like to continue to be part of that change for better lives for livestock animals, there are several ways to help:
  • Shop meat/dairy from local farmers versus supporting big Ag producers. Simply refuse to support any factory farmed animal. It’s healthier for us too!
  • Enjoy a meatless Monday every week. Just having one meatless day every week spares approximately 28 livestock animals each year.
  • Report any cruelty to farm animals you witness directly
  • Be an active supporter/contributor to animal protection organizations and local sanctuaries in social networks. Choose organizations who focus on farm animals and serve as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
  • Consider Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyles. Or simply try some new recipes.
  • Learn more & Stay informed–Read up on the products you use and how they are provided. Turning our backs on what we don’t know doesn’t stop it from continuing. If we know the truth, we can take educated steps to stop the abuse.
Because after all, if we don’t help them, who will?

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